Nicolas believes that nature has provided us with the pace and all that we need to thrive. Nicolas’ programs are designed for those seeking to take responsibility of their own wellness by simply re-calibrating their natural terrain. For over a decade, Nicolas has dedicated himself to crafting and sharing a simple, yet effective approach to health and harmony.  This approach begins by slowing down to match the pace of our natural clock.

Recognized by some of the most sophisticated palettes and natural health experts from across the globe, makes Nicolas one of the most sought after culinary nutritionists in the industry. Nicolas has developed performance and health programs for a high-profile clientele, including professional athletes, and A-list celebrities.

At the renowned Matthew Kenney Academy, Nicolas quickly distinguished himself as one of the most diverse raw-food chefs in the industry. Nicolas then went on to study and mentor under Dr. Robert Morse, top N.D. of our time. Nicolas maintains a nutritional understanding that benefits not only the well being of his clients, but also of the environment.