Life is complicated enough – our food should be simple. Many modern day diets contradict one another, creating confusion and anxiety. But one thing is for certain – human beings are deeply connected to the natural cycles of nature. Before our bookshelves filled up with trendy diet books, we ate to the rhythm of mother nature. Now, after years of experience, education and clinical work, we have come back full circle to the circadian patterns of nature.  

A circadian synced diet synchronizes our bodies and minds with nature’s solar cycle by eating certain foods at a specific times of day based on the organism’s utilization of light. This allows easy digestion and nutritional efficiency. Chronobiological light cycle is a timing function regulating the growth cycle of all life on Earth. Evolution has calibrated organic life’s DNA to the 24-hour cycle of day and night, making the human body a living sundial. The Earth’s 24-hour rotation and the Sun’s angle of light acts as a giant pendulum. The dominant pendulum (the sun) affects the submissive pendulums (humans) and when they become desynchronized, the result is disease.

If food is eaten in accordance to the light cycle, balance will be restored in our lives on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

Solar Nutrition:

  • promotes longevity

  • optimizes body weight

  • balances hormones

  • increases the libido

  • regenerates skin cells

  • boosts the brain for optimum performance

  • strengthens the immune system

  • meditation improvement

  • helps you connect to consciousness


PROGRAMS INCLUDE A customized MEAL PLAN and extensive education;

  • the importance of eating in time and food combining

  • how to keep the lymphatic system flowing and preventing stagnations (tumors, cancer, etc.), diabetes, candida and other common dis-eases

  • why restrictive diets do not work

  • cooked food vs raw food

  • what happens in our digestive system and blood when improperly combining sugar and fat

  • the digestive times of foods

  • proper pH of the body, and how it affects us

  • the effects of alkaline and acid forming foods

  • specific organ functions when eating in time

  • germ vs terrain theory

  • shifting from the quick-fix 3 day quick-cleasne" mentality



The Tune program aligns and calibrates our bodies with the natural rhythms of nature and our body clock. The program is intended for us to consume foods at the right time in order to fully absorb the nutrition as well as provide the most efficient digestion and mental clarity.


Designed for and successfully tested by some of the most demanding athletes in the world, this program focusses specifically on performance, recovery and proper nutrient timing and glycemic load. This program is very similar to the Tune program, except we incorporate a more customized and dominant building program, followed by the recovery phase.


Based on natural hygiene, naturopathy and lymphatic detoxification, this program applies a very effective and natural detox philosophy, digging deeper into the congested/stagnant scenarios we accumulate within our natural terrain. This program is intended to breakdown the body, and move stagnant lymphatic waste.  Dr. Robert Morse ND herbal formulas are used to stimulate bodies' detox.


This program applies very gentle yet effective cleansing. Intended to cleanse stagnations and create beautifying and weight stabilizing results. Typically clearing skin of toxicity and creating a natural glow. Enhanced by our natural herbs and natural skin lotions and elixirs.


Our programs are personalized to best accommodate your goals and lifestyle. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a private consultation.