The mission is to inspire those who want to reach their highest potential by simply re-calibrating with the organic clock of nature. the SOL nutritional program + lifestyle created from Nicolas's vast experience within many disciplines of natural health, implements a simple and refreshing approach to wellness. The program guides you to achieve a more balanced lifestyle and realistic long term results, not quick fix yo-yo results, as most modern day health programs. Our focus is based on eating at the right times for our bodies' clocks, and proper food combinations, resulting in optimal nutrient absorption, so our bodies can truly thrive. Following the most ancient way of nourishing ourselves, we develop personalized nutritional programs, as well as offer group (and private) workshops for anyone interested in optimizing their health, and well-being.


Keep it simple

Many modern day philosophies sometimes create more confusion, anxiety and contradicting ideas, than positive results. Years of experience within all disciplines in natural health, education and clinical work along side some of the most respected naturopath's in the world,  have brought us full circle to understand that true well-being is simple. Before trendy fad quick-fix diet mentality, we have been tuned to the circadian patterns of nature, which provide all we need to thrive. SOL synchronizes you with nature's solar cycles by nourishing our bodies at the ideal time of the day. TIMING is build into every biological organism in greater or lesser synchronization with our central environmental clock, the Sun.

Circadian Nutrition

Eating foods at a specific time of a day based on the organism’s utilization of light as indirect energy. When food is eaten in this manner, it allows for the easiest digestion and nutritional efficiency of food in the body.

The chronobiological light cycle is a timing function regulating the growth cycle of all life on Earth. Evolution has calibrated organic life’s DNA to the 24-hour cycle of day and night, making the human body a living sundial. The Earth’s 24-hour rotation and the Sun’s angle of light acts as a giant pendulum. The Sun is the dominant “pendulum clock” affecting the other “pendulum clocks” (humans) and when they become desynchronized from the dominant clock, the result is disease.

Food eaten in the correct time has the ability to balance the body’s Ph and set it to the optimum lipid response cycle. This brings into balance our health on levels of emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being as well as physical support. We can best obtain balance in our daily lives through nutrition, time of food consumption, and the words we think and speak.


By following the simple and natural rhythms of nature, we curate personalized nutrition programs to effectively achieve health and wellness goals. We have extensive knowledge and background in Natural health and have been mentored under the most highly respected Naturopaths in the world. Our programs are easy to follow, are not attached to any specific health ideologies (ketogenic, paleo, raw, vegan, etc.) and provide long lasting results.